Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crossover Cover: Preacher Special: Saint of Killers

Several famous figures of the Old West are named, including J. B. Books, Josey Wales, Ethan Edwards, Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae, and William Munny. J. B. Books is from Glendon Swarthout’s novel The Shootist. Josey Wales is from Forrest Carter’s novels Gone to Texas and The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales. Ethan Edwards is from the movie The Searchers. Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae are from Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove novels. William Munny is from the movie Unforgiven. Call and McCrae are mentioned in the comic book miniseries Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather, which Win included in Volume 1. A Marshal Books who is intended to be J.B. Books or his brother appears in two of Edward M. Erdelac's Merkabah Rider stories. Ethan Edwards and Martin Pawley appear in Breed #8: Blood Debt by James A. Muir. The 15th Breed novel Slaughter Time, refers to the events of Edge #14: The Big Gold by George G. Gilman. Win included the Edge novel Slaughter Road in Volume 1. Since Books, Edwards, and Call and McCrae are in the CU, so are Wales and Munny. As previously stated in my post about Mick Farren's novel Darklost, Preacher as a whole does not fit into the CU, so only this miniseries and the Blood and Whiskey one-shot are considered as having occurred there as well as the Preacher Universe. In the Peacemaker novels by William S. Brady, it is established the protagonist, John T. McLain, served with Josey Wales under Bloody Bill Anderson during the Civil War, and Wales was the one who suggested to McLain he go to Texas afterwards. It is also stated in that series McLain was the one who taught the title character of Brady’s Hawk series to handle weapons, and gave him the swan-down Meteor shotgun he wears in a special belt holster.

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  1. The Edge series crossed over several times with Gilman's other series Adam Steele.