Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crossover Cover: Black Order

Gray Pierce, lead agent of Sigma Force, a division of DARPA, visits a bookstore in Copenhagen that is owned by an ex-lawyer from Georgia. Sigma’s director, Painter Crowe, begins a romance with Dr. Lisa Cummings. The ex-lawyer is Cotton Malone, who appears in novels by Steve Berry. Malone was brought into the CU by M.J. Rose's audiobook In Session. Rollins and Berry later co-authored a story entitled "The Devil's Bones" for the crossover anthology FaceOff that was a team-up between Painter Crowe and Cotton Malone. Dr. Cummings first appeared in Rollins’ non-series novel Deep Fathom, which depicts the Earth suffering massive natural disasters due to solar flares. Obviously, Rollins must have exaggerated the apocalyptic nature of the true events, just as the authors of the Spider pulp novels did. Rollins and Grant Blackwood are the coauthors of a spin-off series featuring ex-army ranger Captain Tucker Wayne and his military working dog Kane.


  1. Interesting. Hasn't Rollins crossed a number of his works with his Sigma Force series? If so, will you be including all of those crossovers?