Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crossover Covers: 10th Muse/The Legend of Isis

In the year 2899, the 10th Muse and her fellow goddess Isis are manipulated by a wizard on the planet Loam into battling his uncle. The 10th Muse is in the CU through encounters in the 21st centuries with Shi and Demonslayer, among others. This crossover brings in the version of the Egyptian goddess Isis depicted in the comic book The Legend of Isis. Fortunately, nothing in this story explicitly contradicts the established future history of the CU.


  1. So far, we've got Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Arthurian, Slavic, Middle Eastern, Chinese, amongst other classic mythologies which are all part of the CU. You've got to wonder how they all fit together.

    On a similar note, is Father Christmas in any way part of the CU?

    1. There's the mention of Santa Claus on Buffy where it's explained he doesn't so much give toys to kids as eat their bones. :)

  2. If you count Santa Claus, the yes because he attended Pricess Ozma's birthday party in one if the original Oz books and has also met Superman.