Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crossover of the Week

I didn't post anything yesterday because it was my birthday, so here's today's post. :)

December 2010
Dr. Emil Hesychius’s former office at the University of Texas is covered with souvenir postcards from many places, including: Derry, Maine; Arkham, Massachusetts; Glory, West Virginia; Sesqua Valley, Washington; Brichester, England; Binger, Oklahoma; Mirocaw, Idaho; Crouch End, England; Telfer, Australia; and Nan Madol, Federated States of Micronesia. Hesychius went on a shooting spree from the top of the University’s clock tower, claiming he was shooting “nightgaunts.” John Giloh and Dr. Susan Derby go on a date to see Red Dreams, a Korean horror film directed by Harry Chang. Susan, a member of the Derby-Pickman clan, shows John the Sign of Koth.
Round-robin story by Walter C. Debill, Jr.; Richard Gavin; Robert M. Price; W. H. Pugmire; Jeffrey Thomas; and Don Webb, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, MarchApril 2011. Derry, Maine is featured in many of Stephen King’s works. Arkham, Massachusetts is the site of many of H. P. Lovecraft’s tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. Glory, West Virginia is a recurring setting in the works of author Davis Grubb. Sesqua Valley, Washington appears in Cthulhu Mythos tales by W. H. Pugmire. Brichester, England is part of the Severn Valley in Mythos fiction by Ramsey Campbell. Binger, Oklahoma is a real place that appears in Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop’s story “The Mound.” Mirocaw, Idaho is from Thomas Ligotti’s Mythos story “The Last Feast of Harlequin.” Crouch End, England is a real place that served as the setting for Stephen King’s Mythos story “Crouch End.” Telfer is a real place located in Australia’s Great Sandy Desert, the latter of which was referenced in Lovecraft’s story “The Shadow Out of Time.” Nan Madol, Federated States of Micronesia is a real place that was the setting for A. Merritt’s The Moon Pool. The nightgaunts and the Sign of Koth are from Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle stories. Rick Lai writes, “Red Dreams is from the prologue to Ramsey Campbell’s ‘The Franklyn Paragraphs.’ This prologue is generally printed on a page preceding the story, and sometimes has the title ‘Errol Undercliffe: A Tribute.’ Undercliffe is a fictional horror writer whose short story was the basis for Red Dreams.” Dr. Susan Derby is probably related to the namesake of the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation from Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.”


  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday was actually last Wednesday.

    Was Glory, West Virginian the setting for Night of the Hunter?

  2. Thanks! Hope your birthday was as good as mine. :)

    Unfortunately, The Night of the Hunter is set in Grubb's hometown of Moundsville, not Gloru.

    1. Obviously that should be Glory, not Gloru.

    2. Yeah, my birthday was pretty good. I got the Black Coat Press edition of the Arsene Lupin novel 812 and the first omnibus of the comic book series Nexus. Obviously, the Lupin novel in the CU. Nexus is a scifi series, but you can make the argument it's an alternate future. Like all comics by First Publishing, it part of the same multiverse as Grimjack. Also the writer Mike Baron's other character The Badger appears in it. Baron, incidentally, has called Philip Jose Farmer a major influence.

      So Night of the Hunter is not set in Glory. Or on Gloru, the capital planet of the Glorun Empire. :)