Thursday, October 8, 2015

Crossover Cover: Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time

Atomic Robo battles an eldritch horror that exists across time over the course of 83 years. Ro-Man appears outside Robo's office in the 1971 chapter. Robo’s transtemporal foe, though not named, is unmistakably the Great Old One Yog-Sothoth. Ro-Man is from the science fiction film Robot Monster. Although the film’s ending reveals its apocalyptic events were only a dream, Ro-Man is then shown coming out of a cave. Robo probably convinced Ro-Man to abandon his plans for conquest and join Tesladyne.


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  2. Thanks, I was flipping through my TPB of the storyline and I missed it somehow.

    According to wikipedia, Ro-Man was a "moon robot." I have to wonder what that means. I haven't seen the movie. Does it mean it was designed to explore the Moon? Or was if from a civilization on the moon? (Even though even back then everyone knew the moon was barren.) If so how does that fit in the CU?

  3. Ro-Man and his race are stated to be from the Moon in the movie. Probably he traveled to the CU from an AU.

    1. Probably. I wonder if they are from Edgar Rice Burroughs moon or what.

      Apparently, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 did this movie. I probably should track that down.