Thursday, December 3, 2015

Crossover Cover: Forsaken

The first novel in J. D. Barker’s Shadow Cove Trilogy. Writer Thad McAlister and his family are menaced by a witch cult from one of Thad’s books, which turns out to be real. Thad’s wife Rachael bought the journal in which Thad wrote the novel at Needful Things, a store in Castle Rock, Maine, owned by Leland Gaunt. The connection to Stephen King’s novel Needful Things brings this series into the CU. Although the epilogue which shows Rachael buying the book from Gaunt is stated to have taken place ten years earlier, Gaunt was only in Castle Rock in 1991, twenty-two years before the novel’s main events. At one point, Rachael reads an old e-mail dated Thursday, December 3, 2014. December 3, 2014 was a Wednesday, and also after this book’s publication date, and therefore the date given for the e-mail must be considered misinformation.

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  1. When of the stories in The Many Faces of Arsene Lupin had Lupin defeating Gaunt in Paris during the early 20th Century. There was also an episode of Rick and Morty that parodied the King novel. (It also reference Jacobs The Monkey's Paw.)

    Is it possible that Gaunt returned to Castle Rock later?