Saturday, December 19, 2015

Crossover Movie Poster: Shorts

Toe Thompson eats a cereal called Great White Bites, which first appeared in Planet Terror. Robert Rodriguez directed both films. Win included Planet Terror in Volume 2, with the caveat that the film's apocalyptic ending must have been fictionalized.


  1. If something like "Transformers" is considered too wild and crazy to be part of the proper CU, I'm surprised the events depicted in this film get a free pass.

    Is there any other particular reason for including it?

  2. The issue regarding the Transformers movies isn't that they're "too wild and crazy," it's that the very public destruction caused by the Autobots and Decepticons' battles doesn't fit with one of the core principles of the CU laid out by Win, the "world outside your window" principle. Namely, that the CU, on the surface, resembles the real world, and the general public doesn't know about the supernatural and sci-fi events occurring elsewhere. One can argue that certain events were exaggerated in the retelling or covered up by the authorities, but some events are too huge and public for that take to work, and would significantly alter the socioeconomic and political landscape of the CU.