Thursday, December 17, 2015

Crossover Cover: Dogs of War

I mistakenly posted earlier about Underland, a book I already covered a couple months ago. Here's a replacement. 

The British agent Sparrow mentions the Nazis’ Special Projects Division from the video game Wolfenstein.


  1. The protagonist of the "Wolfenstein" series, William Blazkowicz, is apparently the grandfather of Billy Blazkowicz; a.k.a. Billy Blaze from the "Commander Keen" series.

    "Wolfenstein RPG" also features Nazis summoning a demon called the "Harbinger of Doom", who is actually the Cyberdemon from the "Doom" series. It's heavily implied that the unnamed protagonist of the games is also a descendant of William.

  2. I missed the Wolfenstein reference when I read this. Of course, I'm not much of a gamer.

    I think Doom would have to be an alternate future.

    1. I only knew about it because it was mentioned under "Shout-Outs" on the TV Tropes page for Atomic Robo. I'm not really a gamer either.

      Agreed about Doom.

  3. I actually I may have heard about before from TV Tropes, but forgot.

    I used to play more when I was younger, but I'd get stuck in a game half way and give up. I just figured it would be better to save my money.