Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crossover Cover: The Goon Meets Hellboy

Hellboy gets knocked on the head, and upon regaining consciousness finds himself at a different location, where he meets a zombie-killing palooka known as the Goon. After another knock on the head, Hellboy finds himself back where he was when he received the first blow to the head. The exploits of Powell's adventurer the Goon take place in the present day, but in a very surreal world with 1930s trappings, and therefore likely occur in an alternate reality to the Crossover Universe. Hellboy must have somehow been transported to the Goon’s universe from the CU. The two would later cross paths again at the end of the one-shot Criminal Macabre/The Goon: When Freaks Collide. Cal McDonald recognized Hellboy, so they must have both come from the CU, and other crossovers in the Criminal Macabre comics and prose stories support this.

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  1. This was the first issue of the Goon I ever read. I bought for the Hellboy appearance. Being unfamiliar with the Goon's world it really turned my head.

    Fortunately, it peaked my interested and I started collecting the trades. It is a really unique series to say the least.