Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crossover Cover: Radiation Wipeout

Matt Hawke, the Avenger, makes reference to meeting Mark Hardin, the Penetrator. The Penetrator battled a descendant of Dracula in Quaking Terror, so this crossover brings in the Avenger (not to be confused with the Wold Newton Family member who used that name, or Jim Brandon from the radio series The Avenger). The fifth book in Cunningham’s Avenger series was published in 2012, and updated the character so Hawke served in Afghanistan rather than Vietnam. However, it can be assumed the novel’s events actually take place in the 1980s, as did its predecessors.


  1. Judging by how many Avengers there are in fiction, I'm surprised there hasn't been a crossover featuring all of them.

    1. A crossover could get confusing:

      "We need to gather all the Avengers."

      "You mean Captain American's team or those British spies?"

      "No, I mean I mean Benson, Brandon, and Hawke?"

      There are also quite a few Spiders and I can think of three Shadows, also.

    2. I'm still hoping for a crossover story with all the secret groups/individuals in the CU: UNCLE, Sigma Force, SD6, SHIELD, the Library, the Warehouse, the Initiative, X-Files, Gary Seven...

    3. That would be a prodigious task but a very fin read I think