Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crossover Cover: Arctic Kill

Mack Bolan battles the Society of Thylea, a white supremacist group dating back to World War I. The society believes in the Vril, and their ruling body is known as the Sun-Koh. One of their henchmen is an ex-German Special Forces officer who was nicknamed “Sturmvogel.” Agent Chantecoq of Interpol also appears. The Vril is from Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race. The Sun-Koh is named after Sun Koh, a German pulp character. This Sturmvogel must have been nicknamed after the German pulp character of the same name. Chantecoq, who first appeared in Reynolds’ Executioner novel Border Offensive, is probably a relative of Arthur Bernède’s character Chantecoq, “the King of Detectives.”

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  1. The Society of Thylea shows up in Reynold's latest Executioner novel.

    The novel The Coming Race is actually named check in the novel. In real life, various occult groups did believe in the Vril even though it was invented by Bulwer. This is a weird thing about occult is that they adopt things from fiction that is true. There are people who pray to Lovecraft's Old Gods and use the symbol of chaos from Michael Moorcock's books. Artic Kill doesn't actually address whether is anything to the Vril or not.