Friday, January 15, 2016

Crossover Cover: The Gonky Mob Copycat Crimes

Brian O’Brien (aka the Clock) forbids his young female sidekick Butch to accompany him on an investigation. Butch goads him by saying, “I should have teamed up with the Spirit—HE’D appreciate me!” O’Brien responds “The Spirit—bah!” The Clock, originally published by Centaur, was the first original masked hero to appear in comic books, and is more “pulpish” than many of those who followed him. The reference to the Spirit brings him into the CU. This story originally ran untitled; I have used the title given on the Grand Comics Database website.


  1. Malibu Comics (before Marvel bough them) published a series called The Protectors which posited O'Brien as the president in the early 80's so that would perforce be an AU

  2. I remember when The Clock appeared in Dynamite's Masks. I really wanted to like that series. I did wonder if he had any link to the CU.