Thursday, January 28, 2016

Crossover Cover: Interdimensional Women's Prison Breakout

Bomb Queen and two other supervillainesses break out of the otherdimensional prison known as the White Ward and enter Cassie Hack’s world to cause havoc. Cassie teams up with Samhain to bring them to justice. Hoodoo Hex is seen among the inmates of the Ward. This story is a sequel to the one-shot Bomb Queen vs. Hack/Slash, which had Cassie and Vlad traveling to Bomb Queen's alternate universe to battle her. Hoodoo Hex is from Tim Seeley’s web comic Colt Noble and the Megalords.


  1. Colt Noble and the Megalords seems to be a parody of the He-Man cartoon/action figure line. I haven't read it, but Tim Seely doing a He-man parody seems really interesting.

    It would be an AU. Interestingly, there was an old comic crossover between He-Man and Superman which would make arguably make an AU.

  2. Both "Ghostbusters" and "Supernatural" also featured a demonic character named Samhain. Could it be one and the same?

    1. Doubt it...Hack/Slash's Samhain is an ex-slasher and enemy of Cassie's archfoes the Black Lamp Society, who's clearly not "the Ghost of Halloween" as in The Real Ghostbusters, or a demon like the character on Supernatural.

    2. I was literally just about to post that, Sean!

      Could The Real Ghostbusters character and the Supernatural one be the same? I barely remember the cartoon character from childhood, but I haven't seen the episode of Supernatural.

    3. The Samhain in the film "Trick 'r Treat" resembles an amalgamation of the two iterations. Just thought I'd point that out.