Thursday, January 7, 2016

Crossover Cover: The Last Detective

Elvis Cole runs into Harry Bosch. It is mentioned Bosch lives in the same area as Cole. Carol Starkey appears. Harry Bosch is not identified by name, but is described in such a way as to leave little doubt it is him. Elvis would also make a cameo in the Harry Bosch novel Lost Light. Bosch is also mentioned in the novel Cons, Scams & Grifts by Joe Gores, one of the Dan Kearny and Associates novels. Carol Starkey is from Crais’ novel Demolition Angel. With this novel, she becomes a recurring character in the series.

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  1. Of course, Demolition Angel mentions Big Kahuna Burgers from Pulp Fiction. Oddly enough, there are some real Big Kahuna Burgers (inspired by the movie so the mention in the novel still counts as a crossover.)