Friday, January 22, 2016

Crossover Cover: Lynch

Johnny Pearl, an ex-Confederate farmer, is lynched by members of the U.S. Cavalry, who also murder his pregnant Indian wife. Pearl is restored to life by Dr. Anton Mirablis and given the name of “Lynch.” Mirablis is nearly 100-years-old and studied medicine in the 1790s with Frankenstein. Mirablis has some of Frankenstein’s notebooks. According to Mirablis, he and Frankenstein were working to create life together, until they went their separate ways when they disagreed on the method. Frankenstein was interested in electricity, but Mirablis was interested in creating a serum. Eventually, Mirablis combined both methods. Rick Lai writes, “Mirablis claims that Mary Shelley altered events for her classic novel. He says that Frankenstein’s real name was Viktor von Frankenstein, and that the two of them studied at the University of Vienna (rather than Ingolstadt). Mirablis also claims that both Frankenstein and the Monster perished differently than in the novel. Mirablis is an untrustworthy person, and could be lying for his own reasons.” An ad for "Dr. Mirablis's Amazing Electric Truss" appears in a penny dreadful called Pickman's Illustrated Serials in Collins' story "Hell Come Sundown." Rick Lai referenced this story by identifying Count Corbucci's American dime novel publisher as Pickman and Sons in his story "The Last Vendetta."

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